SeaMuseSeaMuse brings together four friends who love to share their individual art with each other and with their audiences. Each of us has immersed ourselves in traditional musical styles which you might not expect to hear together from a single group in a single performance. A SeaMuse concert could include music from a variety of regions of Greece, Turkey, and the Balkans, as well as songs and instrumental music from Brittany and England. Some of our music is original. Our songs are about love, the challenges of our times, and memories from life. Our performances also include poetry, often with instrumental background.


Stanley Greenthal is an internationally acclaimed songwriter and instrumentalist, who stretches musical borders from Scotland, Ireland and Brittany to Greece and the Balkans. He sings and plays guitar, bouzouki, laouto and lavta (Greek and Turkish lutes). With five recordings to his credit, Sing Out! magazine described his latest, First Song, as “…a fascinating voyage to the highlands of Scotland, the Breton lands and the islands of the Mediterranean.”

Christos Govetas has performed extensively in the U.S., Canada and Greece. He sings and plays clarinet, oud and bouzouki and performs regularly with his group Dromeno in Seattle, and across Canada and the U.S. Christos is the 1999 recipient of the prestigious Northwest Folklife Fellowship Award honoring his cultural contribution to the Greek-American and Folk dance communities. He also recorded and performed with Bill Frisell’s group, The Intercontinentals.

Kip Greenthal sings harmony vocals, plays a variety of percussion instruments, and plays the ancient bowed psaltry. Kip also adds compelling spoken word pieces set to sound accompaniment.

Kim Goldov plays 5-string violin and soprano glockenspiel. Kim has performed in a variety of groups from his early years playing glockenspiels and xylophones in his neighborhood Orff ensemble, through to more recent participation in the Radost Folk Ensemble, Freylakh Klezmer Band, Yeni Ses (Turkish traditional and modern folk), and the Bucharest Drinking Team.


Past events:

NW Folklife Festival – Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 1:10 pm to 1:40 pm

— Ravenna House Concert – Friday, June 16, 2017 at 7 pm
Home of Thomas and Charity Osborn at 5731 17th Ave. NE
Suggested donation: $15 – $20 (adults)
RSVP to charityosborn@yahoo.com

— Vita’s Wildly Delicious – Friday, July 14, 2017 at 5 pm
Wine-tasting event from 5 to 8pm
77 Village Rd, Lopez Island
(360) 468-4268

Upcoming Events:

— Cafe Solstice, Seattle – 7 pm Saturday, December 16, 2017

— Lopez Center, Lopez Island – 7 pm Sunday, December 17, 2017



Please email us at info@seamuse.net